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From the Guide to Kulchur:

Run your eye along the margin of history and you will observe great waves, sweeping movements and triumphs which fall when their ideology petrifies. You can see this best in the larger triumphs. The lesson of Mohammedan conquest and flop is the lesson for all reformers, even for little ten year and forty year movements. Ideas petrify. A koran is set up, an orthodoxy is constructed and the demand that everyone swallow it. A national dividend, distributive economics, the obliteration of snobism, Averroes, Avicenna, a beauty of philosophical writing, a dream cut finer than Plato’s, the Alcazar, the Alhambra, a thousand mosques that Keats couldn’t have over described, a sense of man and of human dignity yet unobliterated. In 1906 in Tangier, you cd. see it in the walk of the Moslem. Contempt for poverty, the pride in splendours of the mind, a sense of intellectual riches held calmly by Frobenius’ arab botanist, outwardly a mere beggar.

Like, then, faces like: doubled doctrinaires.