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write, she said

a.g. spalding and bros. mini, aluminium (trait, toulouse, papetrie from heaven); conway stewarts, three (small and large black, large mongrelmarbled); parkers slimfold, junior duofold (the runt, missing its tassie), sonnet and vacumatic (loose clipped), spanning a good sixty years; lamy 99b, cracked lid, oblique and filled with violet ink; lamy al-star, empty; pelikan p1, fine writer but broken barrel mechanism; pilot g-2; rotring rapidograph, 0.18mm; uni-ball vision elites, blue black red; uniball fusion, clear ink writes purple; assorted pencils, some in need of old-style 1.1mm leads.

i’m learning to write in ink again, and as the curves and contours of my words take shape, plumjuice-tinted fingers are a small price to pay.