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un seul ou plusieurs loups

for those returning from the gathering of minds, I suppose my instruction (or advice) is quite simple: read the first few chapters of a thousand plateaus. you don’t have to read it through (as sam: johnson said, ‘who reads a book through?’) but just mine it for sentences. And look for more small pieces, loosely joined.

but as I said to mr. webb: you can code an ant (you can code a colony of ants; ants are the easy bit) but you should code as wolves. think wolfishly. (and then some.) and then I look at the millions paid for the first page of beethoven’s 9th, the movement that no-one ever really remembers, and yet: that does the thing: fetched from the mental space outside the head, behind the ears and woven, not into a tapestry a la mode de cluny, but as a climber’s rope, to haul you to the summit.

then you’re ready for spinoza.

(oh, and if you don’t know alamut, you should.)